Color Blind

Interior of Red River Meeting House replica, Logan County, Ky.


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The Waking Up: A Frontier Girl Stirs to Life During an Early American Revival

In this work of historical fiction about the Second Great Awakening, Presbyterian Rev. James McGready is no stranger to hardship or persecution. Yet when he arrives in the western Kentucky wilderness in 1796, he finds even more opposition to the Gospel than he has before encountered. As McGready struggles to light the spark for revival among the rogues and rascals that live in Logan County, Sarah McMillan finds herself an unwilling participant.

Will Sarah join with these zealots and experience the strange happenings in the religious meetings? Or will she walk in the way of her father — down a hard, bitter road that comes from a shadowed past?

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Color Blind


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— Reading your book made me feel as if I were there.

ColorBlind is delightful. Keep writing.

— This book helped me to relax and forget about some of our pain…

— I haven’t been able to put it down for three days …


It’s the summer of 1968 — the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was recently assassinated, Nixon is about to become president, and 12-year-old Mildred Juniper Rhodes is in a quandary. Her Daddy got a wild hair to move to Piedmont Ridge, S.C., to pastor a church filled with coloreds and whites — which isn’t making much of anybody happy.

When the town’s crazy widow, a dairy farmer, becomes one of Mildred’s only friends, Mildred realizes that things are bad. Add to that having to go to church in a run-down Bingo Hall, facing flaming threats of violence in her own front yard, and a run-in with a homeless man — it gets worse and worse.

But when Miz Wanda Broomer’s husband begins to leave bruises and cuts all over his wife’s face and Mildred’s daddy has to step in, this preacher’s daughter finds herself in the middle of a heap of trouble. Will she be able to keep herself together long enough to save the day?

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"Meadow has taken ageless theological profundities and boiled them down to the essential: God is love."
Dennie Burke, co-author of A Matter of Conscience
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Melanie Meadow

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